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What Should Dad’s do on the Wedding Day?

June 6, 2022

Maybe this is your first or third child getting married, I know you want to be as helpful as possible on your child’s wedding day. Here are some tips from a your favorite Utah Wedding Videographer.

The Ceremony

Walking your child down the aisle is a dream for many fathers. Before getting too excited, make sure to check in with your child to see if they even want to be walked down the aisle. If they do want you to walk them down the aisle, make sure to keep them calm. Enjoy the moment.

Be Prepared to Handle Last Minute Duties

Your child knows you can get it done and they trust you to help them. Ask what would be most helpful on the wedding day. Pick people up from the airport. This will take a lot of stress of the newlyweds and it’s the best way to say I love you and support your new union.

Have Your Wedding Toast Ready in Advance

The father-of-couple is a huge responsibility! Your child is so excited to hear why you love them. Don’t use this moment to embarrass them or make jokes at their expense. Make sure to get the time frame for how long your toast should be. It should not be longer than 2-5 minutes.

You’re a Great Dad!

Even thought this is your child’s big day, it feels so special to you too! As it should. Your support means everything to your child. Be in the moment and enjoy the day to the fullest. Happy Father’s Day!

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