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- Jenna + Logan  (5 Star Review)

"Terra’s photography instantly caught our eye when we found her page! She has a beautiful eye for detail and styling and her editing is very professional. After our initial phone call we knew we had to hire her to travel out of state for our wedding and we are so happy we did! We are sooo in love with our wedding video!! Jade captured all the beautiful moments big and small and it was the exact vibe we were hoping for! She is not only an incredible videographer but also very professional, sweet and so easy to work with. We highly recommend that you hire Jade as your videographer! Her and our photographer Terra Ong were the PREFECT duo and we highly suggest hiring both of them together!"


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The Experience 

We’ve done it! We have found the most gorgeous, accessible, uniquely hidden, and picturesque location in all of Northern Utah. 

Introducing the Utah Mountain Range Elopement Experience! If you are looking for a destination, intimate wedding, vow renewal, or elopement with just you and your partner (or with a few guests) in a backcountry mountain setting – we have just the thing for you. We constantly get asked by other photographers & videographers where these spots are, but have decided to keep the locations just for our elopement couples. After much thought and exploration, we are offering a completely unique elopement experience! Elope in the Utah mountains with a photo and video team - who are both experts in all things intimate weddings.

Meet the Team

Now, imagine this – you and your most favorite person ditch the traditional wedding day. Instead, you travel to northern Utah, stay in an amazing airbnb or hotel near the cutest ski town. On the day of your wedding, you travel into the most gorgeous rocky mountains setting. Filled with mountain lakes covered in lily pads, the fresh smell of pine trees, and cliffside spots with jaw-dropping views of epic mountain ranges. (Yes! I am so serious! This wedding experience actually exists!) Whether you bring your close loved ones or just keep it you two – we have the perfect Utah Elopement Experience to offer.

An All Inclusive Elopement Package

More than just a photographer and videographer

Guides to make the day your very own

When you book the Park City + Uinta Mountain Range Experience, you get more than just a photographer and videographer to show up and shoot a wedding day. The base package includes detailed elopement guides and vendor recommendations. We work with great officiants and hair & make-up artists if you want to complete your day!

We may be a photo and video duo who has shot countless weddings and elopements together - but we are also your newest cheerleaders. We will help you every step of the way. Our phones and emails are open to our clients anytime. We understand that those who choose this type of experience deserve extra support - and we offer just that. 

When you choose to elope in this stunning area, we will assist you with finding the best accommodations, tons of great recommendations, and guides to make the day one of a kind. Most of our couples travel from all over to elope in this destination - we understand you may not know the area like we do. So while we know all the best spots for an elopement, we also know the best spots for your days off, too. 

Hi, I am Terra! Let’s be super clear: I’m a hopeless romantic. I love love. And I’m obsessed with those love stories that are built on true commitment and unshakeable, head over heels love for each other. The high school sweethearts, the been-together-forever couples, the ones who value intimate connection and believe that love is a forever promise. I’m all about the authentic experience and the real emotions. The love story that is unfolding right in front of me – that’s what I love to capture in photos.

Terra Ong - Photographer

Hello there - Jade here. Growing up in the area, I spent my summers exploring these mountain ranges. I know them like the back of my hand. This area is absolutely gorgeous and I would love to share my favorite mountain range with you! I love to capture the happiest moments between people and make a beautiful documentation from it. The Uinta experience is near and dear to my heart - so choosing to get married here means more to me than you'll ever know.

Jade Hall - Videographer 

Please Note: We are Separate businesses! This means we work more on a 'referral Basis' to team up to make epic mountain elopements happen. Sometimes my photographer is unavailable.. In these cases, I will take the lead to assist you with planning your elopement. I will then help you find another photographer you love. Regardless - we do book separately. Don't hesitate to reach out! Those who reach out early usually can score us both! 


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Utah Mountain Photo and Video Packages Start around $6000

Frequently Asked Questions About The Utah Mountain Range Elopement Experience

Q: Can I have guests?

Q: Do I have to book my own accommodations?

Q: Who do you recommend For hair & makeup?

Q: Who Officiates the elopement? 

Q: When is the best time of year to elope here?

Q: What is included in your location guide?

A: You can absolutely invite your closest friends, family, pets, and anyone your heart desires to witness your intimate wedding. We do recommend keeping it smaller as certain locations may require permits if you have a larger group. Some locations don't allow dogs, however. You can also have it be just you two! We have been the witnesses on marriage licenses to many elopements before.

A: We have a few officiants we will recommend using if you are wanting someone to conduct a ceremony. We want someone who will match your vibe and make your ceremony unique to you two as a couple. Picking your officiant will come after the booking process as we assist you with planning your epic day. You are also welcome to use your own if you prefer - we know many people like to get married by a close friend or family member. Just let us know! All officiants are an add-on and do not come in our package. We personally recommend bringing along a closed loved-one and having them conduct your ceremony. You can also just keep it you two and read vows if you don't want an someone to conduct a ceremony. Many couples will choose to just read vows and then Terra will sign your marriage license as she is ordained in the State of Utah.

A: Just like the officiant, we do have a few options you can potentially use based on preference. This is also a 'by recommendation' basis - as these vendors always seem to be having changing schedules! But we both have a list of trusted and very talented HMUA! 

A: You will book your own accommodations based on your personal budget. This is to ensure you get exactly what you want in a space to stay. We recommend staying in Airbnb's or cabin near the area. Park City has so many lovely options for you and your guests. There are so many to choose from and can make the experience that much better! Our favorite elopements have booked cabins up one of the several canyons in the area. But we are still here to help!

A: If you want easy drive-up access, the best time of year to elope in this specific area is late June to early October. August and September are the best times although you may run into wildfire season. (Less likely in this specific area). That doesn't mean you can't have a winter elopement though! It just may limit you locations as many of the roads are closed in the winter because of the amount of snow. You can also choose to snow mobile to these spots! Park City specifically is a ski town if that is the vibe you are going for!

A: We include an in-depth guide to all of the optional locations you can hold a ceremony, take photos, do a rad hike, and so much more. In the guide you will find a map with specific photos and information based on accessibility and a dropped pin to view driving distances. We will also include if the spot requires any hiking - as many of the spots do not.  We only give this interactive guide to those who have booked this elopement experience to keep the integrity of our hard work. It also includes great tips, vendor recommendations, and ideas to fill your epic day. 

Q: Can I hire you both for a different Location?

A: Of course! We have filmed weddings together in Moab, Zion, the Salt Flats, Washington, and even Ireland. While this is just one area we capture weddings, we know your love can take you many places. If you want us as your photo and video team for wherever you plan to get married, just reach out for a customized quote. 

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