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Happy Mother’s Day!

May 8, 2022

Happy Mother’s Day! I’ve been to hundreds of weddings, as a guest and as a wedding videographer. I’ve seen the best parents at a wedding and the worst – let me give you some advice on being the best parent at a wedding.
Be Tactful if you Are Helping Financially

 So you agreed to help financially with your kids’ wedding. Great! However, doing this in a tactful way is important. Maybe talk to your child 1:1 and see if they would be willing to accept help. Discuss with your child how they would like to tell their partner. You may need to discuss if you want the financial contribution to be spent in a certain way, or maybe you don’t care how it is spent. Thinking of these things beforehand will be helpful. You know your child best and you will figure it out just like every other time you have in their life!
It’s Their Day, Be a Good Sport
If your child is getting married, they will most likely make a suggestion as to what you should wear. They may have a color theme in mind, or might like you to wear something that reflects their style. Listen to them and try on the outfit they suggest. It is important to let your child know that you want to wear something that you are comfortable in.
You Deserve to Enjoy the Wedding
Many times mom’s try to take over and be the wedding planner.  Take a step back, think about what you really want for your child’s wedding day and leave the planning and execution to the wedding planner. Enjoy your child’s wedding with them!
This is such a special day for you too. Make sure to be calm so you can enjoy the wedding. Well, as calm as you can be. 🙂

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