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Luxury Utah Weddings

May 2, 2022

Each luxury Park City resort is unique and features a different ambiance. From cozy cabins to elegant ballrooms, there is something to fit every wedding vision.Whether you are wanting to host your ceremony indoors or outdoors, you have that option at any of these resorts. The indoor spaces are elegant and the outdoor spaces boast breathtaking views that make it easy for your guests to justify traveling for your big day! The resorts also offer many other amenities such as shopping, spas, and activities like skiing and hiking!

Romantic honeymoon destinations

Park City is a great destination for couples looking to spend time in the mountains. The Wasatch Mountains are home to all sorts of outdoor recreation and scenery, with vast meadows, winding streams, stunning vistas of rocky peaks, and wildlife inhabiting every nook and cranny.

If you’re looking for luxury accommodations on your honeymoon, Park City has a number of excellent hotels and lodges. Whether it’s the Utahan equivalent of a B&B or an actual bed & breakfast (meaning breakfast is included) that you’re interested in, the options are plenty, so check out what’s available for you two!

If you enjoy trying new cuisines when dining out with your partner—and even if you don’t like trying new things—Park City offers a plethora of restaurants to suit any palate or mood. For example:

Park City is a great place for your wedding

Park City is a wonderful destination for your wedding. It’s close to a major airport—Salt Lake City International Airport so your guests won’t have to spend too much time in the air or driving to get here. The city has a quaint, historic main street that runs right into the mountains, so it’s easy for your guests to explore on the weekends before and after the big day. Plus, Park City is still an undiscovered gem for most couples who want to get married in a place where they can ski down the slopes in their wedding dresses!


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