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Here are 4 easy ways to include your late loved one in your big day

April 12, 2022

Honor your loved one who has passed with a tribute at your nuptials. It has been important for all of my couples with a late loved one to incorporate them into their wedding day. Honoring a loved one doesn’t have to be sad! This can be a very special time. They wouldn’t want you to be sad on your wedding day for them.
Here are 4 popular ways to include your late loved one in your big day:
1- Incorporate their favorite flower into your wedding florals. This is an easy and gorgeous way to honor a loved one. I’m sure your loved one would be thrilled to be honored with their favorite flower.
2- Consider reserving a front row seat in honor of your loved one. You can put their photo or other memorabilia on the seat representing them. They would have sat in the front row anyways, so save the spot for them! You can put the flowers on their seat as well.
3- Have a table with their personal items at the reception where wedding guests can remember your loved one. If there are personal items that meant a lot to the two of you or your family, make sure to include those. This will make it easier for not only you, but other loved ones who may be struggling without a loved one on a big day.
4- I’m sure you have seen live paintings on TikTok. Click here to see what it looks like. A live painter can capture a moment from your wedding day and include your passed on loved one in the live painting as well.
If you and your fiance are wanting to incorporate a late loved one into your wedding, consider sitting down with your family and telling them your ideas. Ask if they have any ideas as well! This could be considerate since they will be missing this family member on your big day as well. In the end, it is you and your fiancé’s decision.

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