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Highly Rated Wedding Venues In Utah

April 20, 2023

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet! My name is Jade Hall – I have worked in the wedding industry for many years. I am a videographer and have spent many wedding seasons filming at different venues throughout the valley and mountain towns. Below is a list of my favorite venues throughout Utah. When planning a wedding, the best things to do is to reach out to many venues and get a realistic idea of how much each costs and create a budget. A wedding venue may be the largest expense for a wedding and is usually the first step when planning your day. (Usually after a venue is booked, couples will then move on to hire a photographer and videographer – so be sure to reach out!) All of these venues are very stunning and can offer great costumer service. I can honestly recommend them all! Although, I put a ** next to my absolute favorite venues that I personally film at often.

Salt Lake County Wedding Venues

Ski Resorts Wedding Venues / Park City Area Wedding Venues

Because a lot of these venues act as a ski resort, hotels, or restaurant most of the time – some of their websites do not so the space or location justice. All of these venues below are seriously stunning and luxurious. I recommend searching on Pinterest or Instagram for better pictures of the location if their website doesn’t have very good photos. If you want a Utah mountain weddings, I highly recommend picking from the list below!

Utah County Wedding Venues

Southern Utah Wedding Venues

Thank you for looking through my list! If you have any questions about my favorite venues in Utah, are looking for a wedding videographer, or want more wedding planning tips – be sure to fill out my inquiry form!

  1. Nicole Nelson says:

    Hello Jade
    My name is Nicole and I am getting married at Dead Horse Point Utah in May 2024, the wedding will be in the evening, and it is small about 12 people, what is your fee for video and photos, 3 hours most likely or less, what all do you get with the fee

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