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Siempre Utah Wedding Venue

June 6, 2022

I recently had the honor of attending an event for Utah wedding vendors at Salt Lake County’s newest venue, Siempre.

First off, I love that is named Siempre. Siempre means always in Spanish. As a wedding vendor, I think this is the most charming name. Their moto is Always and Forever – perfect theme for any wedding day.

Siempre describes the venue as, “Perched up on the foothills and mountains just south of the Salt Lake Valley, Siempre is home to first class views that you can’t find anywhere else in Utah. Breathtaking views and brilliant sunsets create the backdrop for the perfect venue in the perfect location. Siempre is the perfect place to fine-dine with friends every Sunday for Brunch, plan your dream event, wedding, or retreat for any occasion.”

Not only is Siempre perfect for you wedding day, but also perfect for your Sunday brunch. Make sure to check out the video below of the venue and use yours truly to film your wedding day!

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