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11 Best Outdoor Venues in Utah by a Top-Rated Utah Based Wedding Videographer

May 15, 2021

11 Best Outdoor Venues in Utah

Utah offers many amazing outdoor venues! Living and working in this state for years has made me pick a few favorites –  and here they are!  Each location does offer mountains views, as that is more on-brand for the type of work I do. Utah is perfect for any mountain wedding seeker! All of the Salt Lake City Wedding Venues listed below are popular (for good reason!) and I recommend not waiting to pick a date with any of these venues. I am a big fan of ski resort weddings as Utah offers so many wonderful ski resort with impeccable service! For more information on a specific venue, reach out to them individually.

(The website of each venue is linked in the title – click it to learn more about a specific venue!)

Louland Falls

Louland falls is situated in Parley’s Canyon, Salt Lake City, which is stunning on its own. It makes the venue picture perfect. It has an indoor and outdoor space with a vivid waterfall and red cliffs.It has a lush green grassy area with paths made along the streams and water fall. The management is professional, flexible and accommodating. If you are looking for an enchanting wedding ceremony, reception or just looking to host a party, this is the perfect location for you to choose.

River Bottoms Ranch 

This stunning ranch is located near Heber Ut . It has a farm and has recently constructed a beautiful barn with a three story high hall. It is surrounded by a mountainous landscape and offers a breathtaking view of the Provo River corridor. There is an outdoor gas fire pit, which you can use to light a fire. You can sit in the covered patio or enjoy the private pond on the property. This is a very popular venue and dates go fast!


This is one of the best Ski resort in Utah, located near Salt Lake City. It is a stunning place that gives off magical vibes. Its 1200 acres of beautiful mountain vistas. It has both an indoor-outdoor space for your wedding party to enjoy. (Which is great for after dark!) It also has its own European style village, where a number of amenities are offered. It offers a range of comfortable accommodations to choose from.


With breathtaking mountains all around you, this is the perfect place for a private party or a grand special event. It is on the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, offering a beautiful and unique view of the lush forests and scenery. There are a few lodges to choose from, as well as amazing hotels to stay at and I highly recommend visiting the cliff-lodge spa!



This resort has outdoor locations and stunning lodges. You can explore the wildflowers and take beautiful pictures with a mountainous backdrop. The lodges have a grand and elegant interior. This is the perfect place for you if you want a picturesque view with a mesmerizing event. You can also have your wedding at the top of a tram – quite literally on the top of a mountain. This venue is one of my all time favorites as it offers an amazing experience for couples and their guests!

Park City Mountain Resort

Anyone who enjoys a stunning view of the mountains should host an event here as it provides you with a vibrant and picturesque view. It has a few different spaces for you to choose from. You can also see the famous ski runs, and experience the hospitable management. Park City has amazing amenities, restaurants, shopping, and spectacular views. I highly recommend looking into park city for a mountain wedding!

Deer Valley Resort

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – Park City is an amazing ski town to get hitched in! The Deer Valley resort offers stunning views that can make your day unforgettable. It has an award winning service with beautiful lodges and delicious food. There are several different lodges to choice from based on need and wedding size. They do offer packages for larger weddings as well as more intimate gathering. Deer valley is absolutely stunning and the experience of getting married in these locations come highly recommended and for good reason!

Powder Mountain Ski Resort

This awe-inspring location is impeccable. Literally, the views are to die for. Up near Odgen Ut, this ski resort is perfect for anyone seeking for jaw-dropping views. They offer a few different lodge options based on size and need. I do believe (according to other couples I’ve worked with) their availably is more tricky, so I recommend inquiring right away to start your powder mountain resort event planning started!

Log Haven

Log Haven is up Millcreek Canyon, and is a little bit closer to salt lake city than some of the other ski resort venues I have recommended. The venue is stunning and features a log cabin feel, a gorgeous ceremony location, and a mossy waterfall. The food is wonderful and every one of my couples who has chosen log haven for their wedding, has not been disappointed!

Millcreek Inn

This venue has a cottage feel and is perfect in the fall! The venue offers indoor and outdoor space, a great ceremony patio, and plenty of room to dance the night away! The venue is really pretty and is also located up Millcreek Canyon.  This venue is super popular and specialized in weddings. I am also a recommended vendor for this venue!

Sundance Mountain Resort 

Near Provo Canyon is the amazing ski resort Sundance! This location is absolutely incredible. The area has lots of unique cabins to stay in, a top-rated resort, some of the best skiing and hiking in Utah, and amazing views. It has a switzerland feel to the area, and you can’t go wrong with picking this resort for your wedding. I highly recommend!


Here is a view of a Louland Falls LGBT wedding! Inquire for more videography questions or if you are getting married at one of the venues listed above, definitely reach out as they are my absolute favorite!

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